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What does family mean to you?


Welcome to my FAMILY section of I have thought long and hard about sharing this aspect of my life with everyone. Yes, I have shared pictures and moments here on the blog as well as Instagram, but this right here is the first official family post. I am going to share both Birth Experiences with Mason & Harlem because I’ve had many people ask me about my expectations, struggles, joys, etc. If you’re new here—bienvenidos (welcome), I am a young mother of two boys and I am happy to share my mommy life with the world. Let’s start with my first pregnancy & birth experience with my handsome first born, Mason!

When I became pregnant of Mason, I was just shy of being 21 years old. It wasn’t planned but I also wasn’t protecting myself either. I was scared, nervous to tell my parents, and overall shocked! I didn’t think that I would be a young mom, because I had goals to reach before I ever stepped into that realm of life. As the days went by and after sharing the news with my boyfriend of 7 years at the time, I eventually felt better. Sooner than later I was celebrating this new life coming our way & boy was I wrong thinking everything was going to go as planned. Masons pregnancy was so dope, I felt good, I worked up until 8 months and I never felt sick. But, once labor started to kick in a week after due date—that all changed.

It was literally 2:15AM and I felt weird. My lower back was hurting and I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. I woke my mother up (I was living with her at the time). I explained to her how I felt, she initially stated, “you’re having that baby tonight!” That’s when everything set in, this is it, my life will change forever…I am going to be responsible for a little human being! Wow! I quickly grabbed my things, called a cab and met up with daddy to be—my older sister tagged along as well!

OUCH! The contractions grew a lot stronger once I stepped into the cab. My sister rubbed my back to ease the pain and that helped believe it or not. On our way to the hospital which was about 4 miles away, I was just thinking to myself—I cannot have the baby here !! Don’t worry guys, I made it to the hospital on time..thank god! Getting settled was nerve wrecking I was literally shivering because of the pain. I was 6cm dilated and by 6AM I was at 8cm.

I planned on taking no meds, but I couldn’t grasp onto the pain any longer…I needed the magic! Sure enough the anaesthesiologist came by and yes everyone, I had the epidural placed. I was as happy as can be can you imagine? Haha..not to mention my water was broken by my doctor because it wasn’t happening on its own. It was the weirdest feeling I tell you. Just imagine urinating on yourself, awkward! But honestly, you’re in a state of mind of giving birth and making sure the baby is ok.

Thats when everything turned left, Masons heart rate was slowing down. Doctors monitored it for a while, but they didn’t want to over do on time. I was frightened to think that my baby boy was uncomfortable in anyway! I was also burning off a fever of 101 which I caught right after getting my water broken. Strange right? Sooner than later, my doctor walks in and informs me that they must perform an emergency c section because time was ticking and Masons heart rate wasn’t getting any better.

I literally cried because surgery is a huge deal and I just wanted my baby to be ok! I was rushed into the OR, things were done quickly, but all I kept thinking about was the aftermath of this. Will my baby still be ok? Am I strong enough to handle the pain after? Will my baby love me? So many questions and thoughts running through my mind. Dad to be was very helpful and he kept me calm, held my hand throughout it all.

Everything from my hips down…numb! I couldn’t feel a thing..doctors kept asking do you feel anything? I shook my head in response, “not at all.” 2-3 minutes later I feel a huge pressure on my lower abdomen—and I hear cries. Mason was born at exactly 12:41pm. I looked at Ronny and instantly said, that’s our baby! We both cried of happiness ! It’s such a indescribable feeling and one of the best to experience in life. All my mommy readers, I’m sure you understand. All of my worries went flying through the window. I was madly in love with my son. I couldn’t believe how handsome he was and how big he turned out to be. 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, two big round eyes, button nose, and a smile. I’m so blessed, my baby was 100% healthy.


Ever since then my life has new meaning and I’ve grown into a better person. Mason introduced me to love and he taught me how to love. Even though this wasn’t planned, it was meant to be, and I am so lucky to have him as my son. He’s the sweetest boy with the biggest heart, I just can’t believe he’s mine! My advice to first time moms, take it easy & take advantage of every second that you spend with your bundle of joy. They grow up so fast….Mason will turn 8 years old in two months! 😱


Next week I will share my birth experience with our newest addition, Harlem. ♥️

Share any questions or your special moments with me down below in the comment section.



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