Classic No. 5 #N5NY

Location: Meatpacking District, NYC

Jacket: Alice + Olivia

Top: Silence + Noise

Denim: Zara

Shoes: Saint Laurent

Bag: Chanel

Hat: Zane Robe


I wanted to share with you all my experience at the Chanel No.5 Exhibition this weekend in the Meat Packing District. I had so much fun and it was such an amazing experience because this show really went in depth about the perfume and Gabrielle Chanel's venture through it all. She was such an empowering woman and still is 'til this day. My favorite part of the show was the beginning where we used our senses in order to connect with the making of the perfume. 

Nonetheless, I learned new things and walked out with samples and personal postcards!

I hope everyone was able to go to the exhibition as today was the last day to view it.

Remember, Life is Beautiful!