Sole Commerce: Coterie featuring Kaanas

 The ASA Team + Kaanas Team sporting Kaanas Espadrilles :)

It has been a busy week for me as usual but this week is different simply because we had trade shows to attend. I have the honor to work for A Supreme Agent a footwear rep in NYC. One of the brands represented by ASA is Kaanas, a columbian hand made espadrille shoe company. Natalia and Lily own this lovely brand and they're both sisters, how cool?! I love their stuff personally because it reminds me of the summer and good weather which is my favorite time of the year. They have amazing prints and colors and the fact that each pair is hand made makes it that special. I took a couple of pictures throughout my day at Coterie this past Monday.

Hope you enjoyed them and be sure to shop for 


 on their website or click on the link!