Best of both worlds: My two loves & sweets!

Hello world! This lovely weather is reminiscent of my little family's Labor Day trip to Sugar & Plumm. Yeah you guys are probably tired of me mentioning this place so much but I honestly believe that it's a great place for family and friends and their food/desserts are delicious. We took a stroll to the restaurant and I got the chance to take pictures of my two loves. I also took pictures of my favorite sweets available at Sugar and Plumm. Yummy! 

Ronn wears:
-Leather Red Converse
-Denim distressed shorts
-Socks by Urban Outfitters
-Tank by Urban Outfitters
-G-Shock Watch in Lime
-City of Gold "Cunte" snapback
BDG Flannel

Mason wears:
-American Apparel tank
-Black Converse
-Gap Denim Shorts
-Ralph Lauren Flannel

Hope all of you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! 
Seems like summer doesn't want to leave just yet.