Mason turns 2!

My baby's birthday was eight days ago on Sept. 21st, can't believe how fast that came and left! We had a mini photoshoot outside of our home by the neighborhood park. We also took him to Toys R Us in the evening so he can pick out his favorite toys! His pappy really spoils him, he wanted to make sure he made Mason's Bday as special as can be.

I decided to throw him a party the next day at Wiggles and Giggles with close friends and family. As I mentioned in my older posts, the theme of the party was Crayola. I wanted to make sure I used as much colors to signify the art of crayons. 

The party was only two hours long so I only had appetizers and pizza for the kids later on in the party. My cousin made these delicious sandwiches made out of natural ingredients. She made three different kinds of sandwiches:
 -chicken avocado and arugula
-provolone cheese, spinach and tomato
- swiss cheese and turkey ham on a special croissant bread

It was so delicious! I was lucky to taste one because they were a big hit at the party. I also made pastelitos a dominican treat for everyone and it was made out of chicken and cheese.

His cake was made out of dulce de leche filling with a cream base and fondant crayons that spelled out MASON on top and around the cake. It was delicious! I bought the cake from De Colores, a bakery out in 207st and Sherman Ave.

Goody bags given to the children who attended had crayons, drawing pads, stamps, and fun safe candies. For the bigger kids I gave them the same thing except they had washable paint jars and a lot more candy.

 I also spread crayons and paper across the childrens table in the party room so they can entertain themselves while they snack on party food. It was the perfect place because at Wiggles and Giggles they had a bench with a crayola art back wall which fit perfectly with the theme! 


A few posts ago I mentioned how I wanted to melt crayons into shapes for the kids, well I did but instead I melted them into letters of the alphabet! I ordered my tray from for $7.00 once I received it I broke many crayons into small pieces and placed them into the letter tray. Once that was done I popped them in the oven under 200 degrees for 20 minutes. I then placed them inside the freezer for about 8 minutes so they can cool off and I popped them right out of the tray. I did about three alphabet sets and put them all in one big bowl for the kids to take and color with. The good thing about the tray is that I can use it to make ice, brownies, toppings, etc. It was a very good investment! I recommend it to all my mommies out there.

I enjoyed spending time with my loved ones and overall the children especially, Mason had an amazing, fun time! These were just quick shots I took while decorating the party I promise to post better ones once our photographer sends them out to us. 

 I hope I gave mommies out there ideas on birthday parties where it can fun and creative for both babies and moms. I also advise my mommies to check out Wiggles & Giggles Playhouse it is located in Washington Heights on 181st and Riverside Dr. They have amazing programs for you and your baby, play area, and drop off hours where you can drop off your little one for a couple of hours and finish any work/errands that needs to get done. Their prices are reasonable and the staff is so friendly/professional to be around. They were a great help in the party and if you're interested to book any bday dates you can go on their website and view their packages. All you have to do is click on Wiggles and Giggles.

Even though I didn't get a great shot at Masons outfit due to his running around, I will list what he wore and give you guys an idea.

Masons Bday Outfit #1:
-Zara Suspender Pant
-Zara Plaid Button Down
-Converse High-top sneakers in blue

Masons Bday Outfit #2:
-Zara Suspender Jeans
-Zara Denim Shirt
-Zara booties
-H&M suede blazer

Until next time guys, thanks for reading!