Looking forward to fall

So fall is approaching and we all know what that means. BRING OUT THE BEST FASHION PIECES OF THE SEASON! We all take advantage of the cold and wear the most exquisite apparel/accessories lets admit. I love my spring/summer believe me, but it is true that fall/winter offers the best fashion especially in NYC. Fashion week took off and  I am ubber excited to see all of the amazing designers and their amazing collections. I decided to make a list and share with you all my favorite looks for the fall and when I say my favorite I mean my all time favorite go-to looks. 

  1. I love black! I mean you can wear it all year round but it's the best time to wear it during the colder seasons.
  2. I absolutely adore leggings and why not wear funky ones with dope sneakers?! As long as you wear it with simplicity especially if you're wearing loud/funky ones & statement #kicks or merchandise then it's def a great fashion forward casual look. I love this look especially when I am in a hurry (me being a mom) and I need to run errands.
  3. BAGS/SCARVES/LEATHER! I love bags and wear them all year round but for fall I feel like you can get more creative with it. Take a peek at my skull crossover bag. So happy I purchased this it's great quality and I got it for an amazing price! $20.00 :) Scarves are warm and always trendy and leather just brings the fierceness out of me..lol. It's CLASSIC.


I get most of my leggings from American Apparel, UNIF, or Urban Outfitters. The two shown above are the tye-die leggings from American Apparel. I am wearing Nike Hot Pink Pony Hair Dunk Limited Edition in the first picture, all white class converse in the second picture, and of course my favorites the Maison Margiela for H&M sneakers in the last pics. I purchased my skull embellished bag from Urban Outfitters and its by Deena & Ozzy which is one of my favorite lines that Urban carries.

FYI: Every girl needs a leather jacket + statement sunnies ***
What's your favorite fall looks/pieces? Comment below :)