Happy Saturday Dolls!

I wanted to share a few moments from my birthday weekend including my surprise birthday brunch planned by my friends and sister. We went to Cantina Rooftop, it was such a beautiful sunny day which only makes sense to celebrate on a rooftop in NYC. I never imagined to have this done for me simply because I’ve never really had true friends who’ve dedicated their time for me. I’m a mom so if you’re a mom, you know what I mean when it comes to true friends. This was even a better surprise and it meant so much  to me because I’ve literally only met these girls a couple of months ago. 

Yet we have become so close and it’s flourished into a lifetime friendship! The food was great, the music was perfect, and I never laughed so hard in my life! Lol! It’s a great place for friends and family so give it a visit sometime if you’re in the city.  

FUN FACT: I wore this little dress 4 years ago for my 25th birthday and it was fun to know that I was able to fit it in after having another baby! I also never took pictures with this dress before so I’m very thankful to have done so this time around. It’s from Alice + Olivia and  was gifted to me by Hubby. I absolutely love this dress and would continue to recycle it!! :) 

I have many things I want to accomplish within this last year in my 20s, but most importantly I am going to take everything in and enjoy every minute of it.

Thank you to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday & to my friends & loved ones for making it such a special day.