Dear family,

I want to welcome you all to a fresh and so clean “new” look to my baby— Douxbombe Diaries. It took a couple of months, hence the date and it was challenging to say the least, but it got done! Woohoo!!! I have been trying to give my blog a makeover for the longest time, I kept signature logo & the aesthetics which is what defines my blog in a way.

I also managed to make it look a little more updated with layouts and pages. I hope you’ve noticed I added my social media widget below, so you can catch up with me on my Instagram!

I’ve refreshed my Mason tab as well, which is now named Family, because *drum rolls* I am officially going to start incorporating my children to my blog. YES! This will have posts about Mason & Harlem, things they like, things they do, things we do together—all of that good stuff! I am so excited for this new chapter for Douxbombe Diaries & new look with new hopes that you will enjoy it too. I will be tweaking minor things here there so you will see minor changes to the blog as time goes by so enjoy the ride for now ^-^

Btw doesn’t this blazer give you some Cher from ‘Clueless’ vibes? I am absolutely obsessed with the blazer look, I will be posting more looks like these! 


I’m wearing: ASOS Blazer, Zara Tshirt, Zara Biker Shorts, BAG Thrifted, ‘Yacht Club’ Vans Old Skool, NIKE Ankle Socks


Pictures by: Pamela Ynoa


This shoot was done two weeks prior to the date provided, with my friend as one of our look book outfits for our YouTube channel. You’ll see a glimpse of Bodega Girls in my future posts, keep an eye out! We had so much fun on this day, the weather felt so good and breezy—just how I like it! It’s SPRING baby :) finally…something about the colors in Spring uplifts my soul. Who can relate?

Get ready for newer posts and projects coming my way & once again thank you all for your support. Next week there’ll be a brand new post! Keep a look out ✨