Flannel UO | F21 Skirt | American APPAREL Croptop| Classic Vans | Zara satchel | Ruby Woo by Mac on the lips!

Good Morning World!!!

It’s been a while since I last posted, well you know with a newborn it’s kind of tough lol..but I am so deeply in love with my boy. Soon we will do a family photoshoot so I can introduce him to the world the right way ;)

I am currently 9 week postpartum and I can’t lie everyone—IM TIRED! Even though I am not at my pre-baby weight just yet, I did lose half of what I gained which was 30lbs. SO…since I will shed the rest off by working out, in the mean time I am learning how to love my new curves and dress accordingly to it. As you can see I am wearing a midi-shirt (which I have been loving lately), a crop-top even though it’s mostly covered with my flannel shirt which I decided to tie up front to accentuate my curves a bit. Paired with my classic oh so favorite vans and ankle socks (major trend at this moment). Of course doesn’t love a red lip and messy bun? Since I am a mom of two now I don’t have as much time to apply makeup, contour, bake, etc. So I believe a red lip and a high bun will make any mommy on the go look well put together.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my posts, I am no fashion guru but I do enjoy dressing up and feeling good about myself. We all should!

Love you all <3