21 Weeks Fly


ZARA Leather Jacket, DISPARUCO Hoody (cropped by me) , YEEZY 700 by adidas, Bae Cat Eye Sunnies by NellaStyles , Silence by Noise Long T-shirt 


Buenos Dias !

It is Monday and we all know how we feel about Mondays, but lets make the best of it? Does anyone feel like Mondays sets off the mood & vibes for the rest of the week? I do, that's why we should start it off by counting our blessings and accomplishing our weekly goals. Rewinding back to the weekend, I took some photos with my sister of my outfit which has become my sudden obsession. If you didn't notice in my last post, I wore something similar: Long TShirt, Cropped Hoody, Leggings/Tights and comfy sneakers. This is such a comfortable but stylish look for any preggo on the go! Thanks babe for introducing me to the look, he always hooks it up haha..

My favorite pieces are of course my Yeezys 700's, My CatEye Sunnies, & DisparuCo Cropped Hoody (anything cropped I love so watch out I'll be baring my belly pregnant and all)!!