November Feels

Teddy Coat from WISH, Pretty Little Thing Jogger Set, YEEZY 500, GUCCI sunnies.  Pictures always by  Pamela Ynoa.

Teddy Coat from WISH, Pretty Little Thing Jogger Set, YEEZY 500, GUCCI sunnies.

Pictures always by Pamela Ynoa.

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Woohoo!!

We made it through yet another week and month, can you believe? The countdown to Christmas starts now!! It is officially the last day of November and what a month it was. I feel like it was Halloween one minute and boom next thing you know I’m putting up my Christmas tree and getting ready to feast with my family for Thanksgiving. Man time is flying by and do you know how else I am aware of it? My sons are both growing up so quickly right before my eyes! Now I know you might think, ok so can we see pictures of the new addition? A post maybe? And yes that’s coming along soon I just wanted the little one to grow a little more before officially introducing him in to the blogging world. If you follow me on Instagram @douxbombe, you’ve already met the little fella—I’m constantly uploading him onto my stories, well both of them, I haven’t forgotten about my MASON! LoL!

So enough talk about the kids, lets talk about teddy coats! It’s safe to say this is a trend that has come strong this season. Given I’ve always been a teddy coat fan, but this season for sure it has taken over everyones closet. I found this great one on Yes, you might not believe it but $17.00 for a coat plus shipping not bad at all. Especially since other places like UO, Zara, H&M, the minimum price goes to at least $6o.00. I think this is a great find and I am one to always go thrifting because I love one of a kind pieces but my time is very limited so online shopping is my bestie at the moment. I got this same coat in black and a chestnut color as well. They have other colors as well like Pink, Olive, Grey, etc. So if you know me lately I’ve become obsessed with comfort and oversized clothing (hiding the last bit of baby weight). I’m wearing a jogger set from Pretty Little Thing, it’s very comfortable and cute! Paired it with my favorite Yeezys and Voila! haha…Oh let’s take a moment and admire my GUCCI shades which I’ve owned since 2011. Yes! Let’s recycle our good pieces it’s only right..make it work. ^_^

Hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any recommendations on what I should cover on my upcoming posts, be my guest and drop a comment below.

Always Love.