Bday Queen


Zara Denim Jacket & Pants | Vintage Denim top | Phillip Lim Boots

photos by Pamela Ynoa

Morning Beauties!

Its my BIRTHDAY!!! lol...I wanted to just put that out there. I am a year older and wiser and I am definitely much stronger than the year before. I am so thankful and grateful to see another year and I am so excited to see whats in store for me. The other day my sister took pictures of me down by SOHO, my favorite neighborhood in the city. I ended up cropping my jacket (this was the very long one that I used to wear before--previous post). My fiance actually gave me the idea to do so because it honestly wasn't as flattering on me due to the fact that I am so small and petite. This all denim look is my ultimate favorite and besides the jacket, the jeans are one of my favorite pieces.