ZARA Denim Jacket & MENS Sweater | Nude Set from Naked Wardrobe | Adidas Ultra Boost

Good Morning!

I hope everyone has a happy & productive week :) I wanted to share this comfortable outfit that I wore yesterday while roaming the streets of Washington Heights. I took some photos of my sister and of course the beautiful architecture that surrounds us. I never really sat down and admired the beautiful skyline in the city up until now. So my sister took advantage of the good weather and took some shots of me around one of my favorite places to shoot in the Heights. I wanted like a vintage (KIM K) type of look to the photos and it worked!

As for the outfit; this mom on the go always goes for a pair of comfortable sneakers and outfit overall. Lately, thats been my thing (if you haven't noticed) haha.. ! Plus I've really been into neutrals with BLACK still being my number one..

Have a blessed one y'all!