Location: Upper West Side TShirt: Yeezus Tour Sandals: Zara SS15 Sunnies: Urban Outfitters Necklace: Poshmark

Good Afternoon to all my fashionistas!!

It's such a beautiful day here in NYC, the humidity isn't taking over us anymore. Even though I took these pictures the other day while shopping for a dress, I managed to pull of this look throughout the HOT day. What I loved about this look was the fact that this shirt belongs to my Fiance. So I ended up wearing it as a Tshirt Dress! Something I've been admiring the past few months is being be able to wear Mens clothing and styling it up to my own preference.

Btw, I found the perfect dress at Urban Outfitters that day very simple and sexy. I will post about that look soon...

Enjoy your weekend guys <3