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Q&A: Who is Douxbombe?

Born and raised in NYC I've always had a thing for fashion. After all, it is the Fashion Capital. I've always felt connected to the fashion world even if it meant collecting every Vogue Magazine, following trends, fashion weeks, etc. Fashion has always been a part of who I am. Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Tom Ford, and Alexander McQueen just to name a few are all influential to me in every shape and form. With this blog I want you all to see my world not only as a blogger, but as a mother and stylist. I bring in a taste of fashion and being a Latina into everything I do.

My family is my inspiration everyday, in which I have learned how to incorporate that into my style . They are the roots to most of my ideas and creativity. My youngest sister Pamela, is the one who takes all of my pictures. I tag her on my blog posts, but if you're interested in having a photographer for any occasion, you can contact her below! 

I hope you all enjoy my perspective on style, family, & life. It is a special part of who I am.

Pamela Ynoa - pamela.ynoa@gmail.com / instagram: @peachypam_

What/who inspires your outfits?

Most of my inspirations come from street style, music/art, and depending on how I feel for the day. I always choose comfort over everything but I make sure to add a taste of “chic” into my looks. I am a mother of two boys now, so having to be on the constant go is a must. Comfort must always incorporate into my daily tasks which means you’ll definitely catch me sporting cute sneakers! Haha…but don’t get me wrong, this girl loves her shoes.

What does DouxBombe mean?

 Douxbombe came from my creative mind set. I have always been obsessed with the French language and I wanted to create a name in a different language. Doux means sweet and bombe means bombshell. I decided to put the two words together and it makes Sweet Bombshell (Douxbombe). This describes the kind of person I am inside and out which also describes my style. Plus it’s different from anything that I have seen or heard of.

Why did I start blogging?

 I see it as a way for me to communicate with the stylish mothers/women in this world and share my perspective on many things that they may like or look into. I love being a mom and sharing my perspective on motherhood, baby styles, firt moments with my boys is something that I will continue to document for the world to see.I am also a young mother and I want to be able to represent moms of this newer generation. Just because your a mom doesn't mean your life ends, it has actually just begun! You’ll see for yourself…

What is my personal style?

I like a little bit of everything when it comes to style, but I also like to add my taste into everything that I wear. For instance, I love trends but I believe you should have your own signature style. Perhaps you can wear the latest trend but at the same time wear your signature look somewhere in the ensemble. I have a mix of styles I love classic simple looks but I also like mixing it into the edgier, wild side. It also depends on the mood that I am in. What I wear reflects the way that I feel and that's the best thing about fashion, you can express yourself through your style.

 My favorite fashion moments are definitely the new trends that come in and out of style every season, upcoming fashion shows for FW/SS. I love the transitioning of seasons and fashions mend together. One of my favorites overall, is watching the everyday styles of celebrities as well as the everyday people.