Brown Sugar


 (Selfie with my sister aka my photographer, follow her work @peachypamphotography)


Coat: Goodwill | Top & Denim: Zara | Bag: Goyard | Booties: Asos

Happy Hump Day!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines day yesterday because I sure did. I spent it with my two loves at home and it was everything I wanted. As I am getting older I've realized that I appreciate peace and the comfort of my own home more than anything else. I honestly could stay home all day. So, it's finally February and I think you all can agree that time is flying! I am so excited that Spring is coming up soon because as you all know I do not like the winter whatsoever. The only thing I could appreciate about this season is definitely the outerwear. Like with todays outfit my favorite two pieces are the coat which I thrifted and found at Goodwill and of course my booties which are from ASOS. I also LOVE my Goyard bag which was gifted to me by my hubby for Christmas. Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying #NYFW2017 as much as I am even though I haven't attended any shows. Social media is my best friend at the moment and online shows are  keeping me up to date. 

Can't wait to see what Spring has in store for us.

Love you babies!



Ronny taught me: menswear.

Camouflage Oversize Jacket ASOS | Top & Denim ZARA | YEEZY Season 2 Boots


Happy Friday and Happy NEW Year!!!! *woohoo*

It was a very nice day yesterday (if you're a New Yorker) specifically because it was a whopping 64 degrees! Yep. Couldn't believe it but I sure endured it :) I took the chance to shoot around the neighborhood and of course share my #ootd. I woke up feeling like a boy so of course my hubz inspired my outfit. I love the way he dresses and he also got me these boots (yeezy season 2). I paired them with my favorite ASOS camo oversized jacket and an over sized tshirt. I think I'm just utterly obsessed with menswear and anything oversized! 

Enjoy your weekend guys & love ya lots!






(Pictures always taken by my lovely sister @peachypamphotography

Matcha Black

Members Only Leather | Pirates Jersey (Ronns) | Nike Women Dunk High 

Hey dolls,

So today I went to my favorite cafe downtown in SOHO, Cha Cha Matcha  & of course I took some shots afterwards because it was a really good day (weather wise) and I loved my outfit. If you haven't notice already I've been into comfortable sporty looks. I've been limited on time in the morning when getting ready so I honestly just want to be as comfortable as possible. Of course I try my best to incorporate my own style to my daily looks, but the dad cap trend has won my heart over. Plus you all know how dedicated I am to the color black lol.

Hope everyone has a productive Monday and week!




Sweet November

Vintage Sherling Coat | STAMPD LA Camo (Ronns) | Zara Denim

Fall In Love!

Hope everyone is welcoming this fall season with open arms because we have no other choice. LOL. I'm not a fan of cold weather, but I can't really complain this time around because it's been a smooth sailing fall season so far in NYC. We've had our irrational 60 degree weather this month. (Global warming) Anywho, my youngest sister Pam is the one and only person who takes my pictures. This time she was experimenting with natural lighting and so I was her project for the day. She took some really cool shots and I hope you all appreciate them as much as I do!

Follow her work @peachypamphotography






Adidas Dress | Stan Smith Adidas | Zane Robe Bag

Pictures taken by Pamela Ynoa

To all of my readers:

I appreciate the constant support and love, I know it's been a while, but I figured to share these cool shots that I took today around the Soho neighborhood here in NYC. It was an oddly 80 degree weather type of day in OCTOBER! I absolutely loved it bc I am not ready to transition to the bitter cold just yet. I've taken some time off to regroup and focus on other things. Life can surprise you with many things and I cannot wait to share them with you!

Thank you for tuning in!

As always, LOVE YOU !!





Jacket: Guess | Dress: Lboutique | Slides: Ivy Park 


Summer's coming to an end and we all must grasp every little bit that we have left. One thing I am going to miss about the summer is the fact that I can where slides anywhere! It's easy to put on and easy to style. I have been desperately falling in love towards more comfortable outfits especially sporty ones, as you can tell. But I also like to mix it up with different pieces like a LBD. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of this amazing/my favorite season of the year!




Top: Zara, Guess Shorts | Washington Heights, NYC

Happy Sunday!

It's been a crazy summer so far but, I feel so blessed to experience every minute of it because they are far too short in the city and take far too long to come back. I decided to grab my go to drink "iced-chai latte" from my favorite coffee shop in WaHi, Taszo. And beside this ice drink, I chose to throw my hair up in a bun to beat this heat. Keeping it super casual and chic for all summer. It's above 90 degrees people!

Keep it cool guys... <3









nature feels


What's better than a 70 degree semi-gloomy day in the city? Honestly, anything above 60 degrees in NYC is the best. I'm learning to love the simple things in life starting with my surroundings. I love trees and nature over all! Here are a few shots I took around the neighborhood by my favorite building the Grinell on Riverside Drive. I'm wearing my favorite vegan leather jacket from Urban Outfitters and all black from head to toe! :)

Happy Friday-XoXo,



new-new york


Hola beauties!

I wanted to share this casual look of mine from this week because I just love to feel and look good. I'm not a flashy type of chick, but I do like to always look put together. I'm wearing my favorite embroidered bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters & my classic Stans. While I took a stroll by Riverside up until Haven Avenue in my neighborhood, I realized how relaxing it can be. I LOVE where I was born and raised, Washington Heights, and the fact that it's located in NYC is a plus! 

Positive vibes to all <3




It's been a while my dears, but I am back. Sometimes I prefer to disconnect myself from the social media world to focus on myself and my family. It helps me recharge myself and clear out my head. I took these pictures at one of my favorite places in Washington Heights, The Inspiration Point Shelter, by the Hendry Hudson Highway. It's so peaceful (even though it's by the highway) and it's beyond beautiful. I'm glad that I chose to go here because it's my peace.

PS I'm wearing NEW Noirblancwolves of course, checkout their new collection by clicking the link ;)



Who do you love?

Guess Jacket, Zara Denim, Stan Smiths

Hey babes,

I haven't been feeling too well because of the allergy season but, taking a stroll by my favorite neighborhood in the city made me feel better. I love NOLITA because it's beautifully filled with street art and with so many dope shops.

I took some shots around my favorite murals in the area.




Calvin Klein Crop Top, Zara Leggings, PUMAxRihanna -Fenty Trainers, Calvin Klein Denim Jacket


Happy Saturday :)

Here's a couple of shots that my youngest sister took of me yesterday afternoon. I love taking pictures by the GW bridge, the view is breath taking. I hope you all have a great weekend with this amazing Spring-like weather <3






(My Look: Guess Top, American Apparel Boy-shorts, Zara Fringed Bag, Havaianas sandals)


I'm so grateful for this mini-vacay because it was well deserved and it's also a great time to get away form NYC. Even though I have SO many pictures from our trip to Mexico, I can only share a few. This is my last day here so I decided to share a couple of pictures from our hotel during breakfast. Mi Amor Boutique Hotel is the perfect place to go to if you're looking for a relaxed stay in Tulum, Mexico. Unico Restaurante is located inside the hotel and the food is magnificent! The staff and the overall stay was more than I expected :)

We are definitely coming back because it's another beautiful place on earth.




Island Gal

Buenos Dia!

On this second post I wanted to share some pictures that I took while on the beach with my beau. This was the Tulum Beach by Boca Paila in Tulum, Mexico. It's about 8 minutes away from the hotel I stayed in called "Mi Amor", which was also a wonderful place to stay in while we were away. I wasn't aware that my fiance was taking pictures of me but he did a great job! These were my favorite shots from the trip :)

I'm wearing a bikini top & bottom from Nasty Gal SS16 collection and my favorite red
"Russian Red" on my lips.





I am bringing you along with me on vacation because this NYC has been a drag. Douxbombe Diaries has flown out of the country to a beautiful place called Tulum in Mexico. Not only was this place beautiful but everyone here was so delightful & welcoming. Above are a few pictures that I took on my way to the beach which was about 5-8 min walk from the Hotel I was staying in. 

The picture with me in front of a beautiful private home was my favorite because of the flowers and natural colors surrounding it!

I'm wearing a bathing suit top from Nasty Gal's SS16 collection, Booty short-shorts from Urban Outfitters, Koolaburra "Venus" sandals, and my favorite Stella McCartney Sunnies :)


Stay tuned for more pictures...

 Hasta luego XOXO


noir loup femelle

Members Only Leather Jacket, OVO Womens top & bottom, Zara Mens oversized shawl, Nike Hauraches, Balenciaga Sunnies, Zane Robe shopping bag

Greetings :)

 Here are a couple of shots taken yesterday by my little sister Pamela. This is my everyday look when Winter isn't so cold. COMFORT. 

I have a new camera which means better quality and definitely more frequent posts! I'm excited for whats to come and hope that you are too :)




Drake warned me...

Jacket: Urban Outfitters, Yeezus Tour Tshirt, Over-the-knee socks from UO, Boots: Sixty-Seven, OVO "WOES" Cap 


Its February finally and Spring is around the corner. Fashion week is also approaching and it's something that I look forward to ever year! I took these photos back in December, yes December, back when it was 65 degrees..haha. I figured to post it today because of the dope Beemer in the background. It's pink and it goes best with this month of L-O-V-E.

Be sure to see NEW posts soon <3



The New Whitney

Hey dolls,

I hope everyone is siked about the weekend ahead, its Friday! I went to the New Whitney Museum yesterday and I went to my favorite floor (the 5th floor). I managed to take pictures of my favorite pieces and I recommend for all to go and visit if you haven't already.

Hope you like :)