Spreading Love Brunch ft. AM




Urban Outfitters Barret | ASOS Puffer Coat | Wolford Black Leggings | Over the knee boots ZARA | Chanel Tile Mosaic Flap Bag

Angelina: UNIQLO White Turtleneck | Fashionnova Black High-waisted Denim | Steve Madden Tony Sock Mid-Booties & Purse | BoutiqueFeel Pink Faux Fur | H&M Rose Gold Watch | Tom Ford Sunglasses| XiXi Necklaces


Happy Valentines Day lovers! 💞

I hope everyone gets to celebrate this day with their loved ones. Whether that’s your family, friends, pets, partners, etc. This day is about love, even though you should express your gratitude towards your loved ones everyday. This should be a day full of love and positivity so let’s spread the word!  

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a fellow blogger Angelina Mercedes, from AM Blog. Here’s a quick intro: 

 [[ Angelina Mercedes, is 24 years old and is a New York City Native. She focuses mostly on all things travel, fashion, photography and shopping. She launched AM in April 2018 with hopes of inspiring people. Check out her site below ! ]]


YouTube Channel:  Ang’s Closet 

Instagram: @angelina.mercedes  

Angelina and I met up for a girls brunch and we discussed all things fashion, travel, city life, girl things, etc.

It was refreshing to be out and about in the city in my favorite neighborhood (SOHO) enjoying my Saturday off from being a mom! Don’t get me wrong, I missed my boys—but this was definitely refreshing and much needed time to myself. It is my pleasure to always support and show love to others especially those that reciprocate it back. Collaboration with Angelina was so much fun and I cannot wait to create more content in the future together! 

What are your plans for Vday? 



Always spread love 💕 




Mona Lisa



Happy Lunes! 

Goodbye January & Hello February we have missed you! Haha..January feels like the longest and toughest month of the year, can anyone else relate? I am just super glad that we are getting closer to Spring because your girl over here isn’t a fan of this bitter cold temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the winter fashion—but not the COLD!  

On this day I went Valentine’s Day shopping and I do this mostly for my oldest son Mason, he’s just a lovebug all around. It was about 18 degrees hence the reason why I’m wearing a fur coat ^_^ I actually enjoyed the color hues in these photos because even though it’s Winter, you can wear spring like colors to brighten your mood.  Accessories always help that’s why I’m so in love with the skully, bag (for sale) and fur coat of course. Also, it’s a great way to style up any outfit. Which leads me to the dopest item in this picture on my feet the Air Jordan x Aleali May kicks which are so versatile to wear and the colors are soooo good! Such a classic pair of kicks and very comfy at that. If you know me, you know I love comfort. 

Back tracking to this coat,

I think it was purchased at a thrift store in Greenwich Village about 4 years ago! Phew, time flies people ! The bag is a limited edition Chanel Flap Mosaic Tile bag and let me just say, isn’t it the cutest little thing? This is actually listed for sale and if you’re interested you can send a message via email above.

I hope everyone smashes their goals this week and is looking forward to Valentines Day!






Self Reflecting  



ASOS Puffer, Forever21 Cabby Hat, Zara Trousers, Zara chained boots, CHANEL bag

Pictures taken by: @ peachypam   

Pictures taken by: @peachypam  

Happy Sunday Dolls! 

I wanted to share a few quick thoughts about this year so far— 20 days in and it’s been tough. I realized that we all put this immense amount of pressure to meet our goals for the new year and become this new, ravishing individual. Instead of placing these new goals into our realm, why not gracefully do the things that makes us feel the happiest? It’s always great to be driven and accomplished, but before that comes our health and most importantly, self love. 

You can’t run before you can walk, so let’s get back to the basics of being healthy— physically and most importantly mentally. Let’s be kinder to others but even more to ourselves. My main goal is to learn how to love the woman I am and slowly becoming. Given I am a mother of two now—but that doesn’t solely define all of who I am.

I am looking forward to discover who I am this year, in every aspect. Meet new challenges, new people, and make myself available to change. I am excited to learn how to be kinder to myself. With that being said—what are your true goals? If you have any, please be kind to yourself first. Everything else will fall into place.






Forever21 Lace Bodysuit  | Woldorf Leggings | Fur Vest from Bergdorf Goodman |  Glass Mules FASHIONNOVA 

Forever21 Lace Bodysuit | Woldorf Leggings | Fur Vest from Bergdorf Goodman | Glass Mules FASHIONNOVA 


Good afternoon & HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

I am sending all positive vibes through out the world for everyone to live their life to their best abilities & grow through every experience.

For NYE, I spent it with my family (parents, sisters, kids, and hubby.) It is a tradition to head over to my mothers and wait for the countdown of the new year. My mother made a huge feast which I truly appreciated, but this means I’m going harder in the gym this week! :) I decided to go for an all black outfit because why not? You can never go wrong with black...a bodysuit, leggings, fur vest for the season, and trendy clear glass shoes for the win! I felt beautiful and that’s what matters in the end, how you feel in what your wear. 

I included a family picture with our newest addition Harlem K. Pharaoh—he’s almost 6 months old! 

 Hope everyone has a wonderful new year ♥️

What are your 2019 New Year Resolutions? 





Ps. Who else is digging the flash in our eyes? It makes us look spooky...bwahaha!  




Black Felt Beret Urban Outfitters | Vegan Biker Leather Urban Outfitters 

Nike AirMax Plus GOLD (sooo comfy)  

Nike AirMax Plus GOLD (sooo comfy)  

Happy Friday Babes!  

We made it through another week and for some reason this week went by slower than usual. Who agrees? It was gloomy over here in the city and temperatures were abnormally high especially since today marks the very first day of Winter. I’m not complaining though! I love my leather jackets and cropped hoody’s so I definitely took advantage for today’s look. I felt the most comfortable in my high waisted PrettyLittleThings tights  and sports bra to match after my afternoon workout. I’ve always felt that active wear has been the most convenient and comfortable way to dress during the week. Plus it’s always fun to add a bit of accessories like this cute little barret purchased from Urban Outfitters. 


Links are provided for most pieces and if you’d like to know more about my go to active wear pieces leave a comment below!  


What are you looking forward to accomplish before the new year? 





Pretty Comfy  



Yeezy 500 Blush | Teddy Jacket thrifted | Zara Phone Bag 


Pictures taken by: Pamela Ynoa  


Hello to all 👋🏼  

I hope everyone is having a productive day today—as always I’m glad to wake up to another day. Mornings are always a rush for me as I get my kids ready for the day (one for school & one for feeding and naps). Comfort has been my niche lately obviously! But that doesn’t mean you cannot look cute as well because a girl needs the best of both worlds. Who doesn’t? This little jogger set from Prettylittlething accentuates comfort in every way! What I like most about this set is the PLT printed feature along with the funnel neck sweater top and sweat pants to match. Throw on a mom bun or reg bun with a pair of hoops or cute earrings and bam you have yourself a cute little outfit .

 Its quick, easy, and overall cute! 

Its also a great after the gym outfit, which I went for after my cardio session this morning. Why not add this pretty little set onto your Xmas List? It’s still not too late!

Links are provided above.  


What are your post workout outfits? Let me know down below ;)




Pretty New Year

PLT  Alexis Black Panelled Gym Leggings  , Yeezy 350 Cream, F21 bag, UNIQLO puffer

PLT Alexis Black Panelled Gym Leggings , Yeezy 350 Cream, F21 bag, UNIQLO puffer


Good Morning Dolls,

We have exactly two weeks left in the year and whose ready to start off the new year with a new mindset? I am! I am so ready to accomplish new goals, set higher standards for everything and everyone, & just begin to live a healthier life—mentally and physically.  

Ever since I gave birth to baby Harlem, I’ve become a newer version of myself. I just know that I can become the best version of myself if I dedicate my mind and soul to it. With that being said, I’ve taken the initiative to join the gym and create a routine that caters to my needs. Baby steps!  

Because I’ve become dedicated to the gym life, getting the most comfortable and cute gear was a must! I purchased most of my active wear from prettylittlething.com during their Black Friday sale. I feel the most comfortable in leggings and crop tops when working out. I can’t wait to share more of what I purchased and I’ll be sure to share the links! 


What are your goals for the new year? 






November Feels

Teddy Coat from WISH, Pretty Little Thing Jogger Set, YEEZY 500, GUCCI sunnies.  Pictures always by  Pamela Ynoa.

Teddy Coat from WISH, Pretty Little Thing Jogger Set, YEEZY 500, GUCCI sunnies.

Pictures always by Pamela Ynoa.

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Woohoo!!

We made it through yet another week and month, can you believe? The countdown to Christmas starts now!! It is officially the last day of November and what a month it was. I feel like it was Halloween one minute and boom next thing you know I’m putting up my Christmas tree and getting ready to feast with my family for Thanksgiving. Man time is flying by and do you know how else I am aware of it? My sons are both growing up so quickly right before my eyes! Now I know you might think, ok so can we see pictures of the new addition? A post maybe? And yes that’s coming along soon I just wanted the little one to grow a little more before officially introducing him in to the blogging world. If you follow me on Instagram @douxbombe, you’ve already met the little fella—I’m constantly uploading him onto my stories, well both of them, I haven’t forgotten about my MASON! LoL!

So enough talk about the kids, lets talk about teddy coats! It’s safe to say this is a trend that has come strong this season. Given I’ve always been a teddy coat fan, but this season for sure it has taken over everyones closet. I found this great one on Wish.com. Yes, you might not believe it but $17.00 for a coat plus shipping not bad at all. Especially since other places like UO, Zara, H&M, the minimum price goes to at least $6o.00. I think this is a great find and I am one to always go thrifting because I love one of a kind pieces but my time is very limited so online shopping is my bestie at the moment. I got this same coat in black and a chestnut color as well. They have other colors as well like Pink, Olive, Grey, etc. So if you know me lately I’ve become obsessed with comfort and oversized clothing (hiding the last bit of baby weight). I’m wearing a jogger set from Pretty Little Thing, it’s very comfortable and cute! Paired it with my favorite Yeezys and Voila! haha…Oh let’s take a moment and admire my GUCCI shades which I’ve owned since 2011. Yes! Let’s recycle our good pieces it’s only right..make it work. ^_^

Hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any recommendations on what I should cover on my upcoming posts, be my guest and drop a comment below.

Always Love.





Adidas limited varsity jacket (boyfriends closet) | Naked Wardrobe Set | Yeezy 350s | Zara Phone Purse


  Happy Friday Junior! 

It’s beginning to look and feel like the holidays?! Haha..Halloween is over and the next thing I noticed..Christmas decorations advertised everywhere! I mean it’s a bittersweet moment for me as I love the holidays but despise the Icey cold winter. Which means the colder brisk days are up ahead & so I am taking advantage of this fall like weather today.  

 I have been a busy mama with the kids but today I took a little break—did my hair, makeup, and asked my sister to take some pictures. Lately I’ve been feeling very comfortable in sets and oversized clothes. I mean I did just have a baby too so this helps to hide the extra baby weight I’ve been carrying around. But, to say the least this jacket is EVERYTHING! It belongs to my bf of course—but man doesn’t he have a great eye for fashion? Its a one piece ever made varsity jacket and I saw it hanging in the closet and decided to give it a go..and I’m happy I did.

 When all else’s fails wear black and grab one of your bf pieces! It’s my go-to.


Have a great weekend babes! 





Maison Martin Margiela x H&M jacket |Tracis Scott Merch Tee | Yeezy 500 ‘Blush’ | Chanel bag

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M jacket |Tracis Scott Merch Tee | Yeezy 500 ‘Blush’ | Chanel bag

Good Afternoon Family,

Hope everyone is enjoying their fall-like weather and countdown to Halloween! Usually I don’t get as excited about Halloween but ever since I became a mom 7 years ago, it excites me to the core. I love to see my kids smile and enjoy themselves— and yes I said kids because I have two boys now if you’re just tuning in. (Read posts below).

Today I decided to declutter my closet and I still have so much more to do. So I decided to post some of my items going for sale on my Poshmark (located on the tab above under SHOP). I’m currently selling this Maison Martin Margiela x H&M on my Poshmark as well as other goodies so keep an eye out ladies and gents!

Follow my instagram account @douxbombe for weekly updates :)

Hope you all enjoy Halloween with your kiddies and loved ones.





Shades: Super by Retrosuperfuture

Shades: Super by Retrosuperfuture


PICTURES BY: Pamela Ynoa @peachypam_

Top: Denim Supply| Fishnet Biker Short & Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters | Vans Classic Sneaker | Super Gold Sunníes by Retrosuperfuture

Top: Denim Supply| Fishnet Biker Short & Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters | Vans Classic Sneaker | Super Gold Sunníes by Retrosuperfuture

Good Morning Familia,

It is Monday and what a better way to start off your week with a little sass? This is my second look for the Vans lookbook collaboration with @stilspread Franchesca. This actually is my favorite outfit, funny thing that this top belonged to my fiancé.  He of course cut it up into a crop and look at the dope outcome. I love when he uses his creative skills on my wardrobe! Perks of having a stylish man haha!! 

The denim top and fishnet biker shorts is what made this look pop. Of course I wore a layered shirt and bodysuit under as you can see. You have to make it work! Vans are so versatile and so comfortable? Why not get yourself a pair? It’s a classic shoe you could never go wrong. 

Hope everyone enjoys the recent posts and looks and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @douxbombe for daily story updates 🖤




Latina Love

Top & Bottom Set: Bergdorf Goodman | Vans Classic Black/White Canvas | Tom Ford Shades (not pictured) Fanny pack: Thrifted

Top & Bottom Set: Bergdorf Goodman | Vans Classic Black/White Canvas | Tom Ford Shades (not pictured) Fanny pack: Thrifted



Happy Saturday!  

Hope everyone is out enjoying the very first day of Fall :) I’m not a fan of colder seasons, but I was eager for fall to arrive just because I love the holidays. Not to mention you can play around with your outfits throughout  this season. 

As you can see above, I styled up my vans which to me is such a classic sneaker. You can take advantage of wearing vans throughout most of the year minus the winter. So before the temperatures drop, I decided to create a quick lookbook of a 3way style with vans. This look was my second favorite because it’s a set. When you purchase things in sets you get more than what you’re purchasing. I say this because if you wear each piece together you save time with finding an outfit. And you can mix match the pieces and wear it multiple ways. I also LOVE the details of this set! Fun fact: I wore this same exact set 3 years ago for my birthday. If you’ve been following me since the beginning you know what I’m talking about. :)


I did this lookbook with a dear friend of mine, Franchesca aka Stilspread. She’s a fashion blogger and funny thing is we met on this very day of the shoot and vibed so well. We both want to strive in the blogging world and we believe we can do that by supporting eachother work. Latinas United!!!

 *To follow up on Franchesca’s outfit, look over to her Instagram @stilspread for her details and daily looks*

The other looks will upload soon!

Stay tuned :) 

 PS. Who doesn’t love a fanny pack? Loving this trend!






Flannel UO | F21 Skirt | American APPAREL Croptop| Classic Vans | Zara satchel | Ruby Woo by Mac on the lips!

Good Morning World!!!

It’s been a while since I last posted, well you know with a newborn it’s kind of tough lol..but I am so deeply in love with my boy. Soon we will do a family photoshoot so I can introduce him to the world the right way ;)

I am currently 9 week postpartum and I can’t lie everyone—IM TIRED! Even though I am not at my pre-baby weight just yet, I did lose half of what I gained which was 30lbs. SO…since I will shed the rest off by working out, in the mean time I am learning how to love my new curves and dress accordingly to it. As you can see I am wearing a midi-shirt (which I have been loving lately), a crop-top even though it’s mostly covered with my flannel shirt which I decided to tie up front to accentuate my curves a bit. Paired with my classic oh so favorite vans and ankle socks (major trend at this moment). Of course doesn’t love a red lip and messy bun? Since I am a mom of two now I don’t have as much time to apply makeup, contour, bake, etc. So I believe a red lip and a high bun will make any mommy on the go look well put together.

I hope you guys enjoy reading my posts, I am no fashion guru but I do enjoy dressing up and feeling good about myself. We all should!

Love you all <3



Harlem Bump

F21 Dress &amp; Sandals (very affordable especially for a one time wear) PICTURES BY: PAMELA YNOA (@peachypam_)

F21 Dress & Sandals (very affordable especially for a one time wear) PICTURES BY: PAMELA YNOA (@peachypam_)

Happy JUNE Everyone :)

As you all know I am currently preggers with my second baby and though there aren’t many pictures here on my blog with my baby bump, I did share alot of my maternity looks through my Instagram @douxbombe FOLLOW ME! My sister and I decided to do this very natural-earthy maternity shoot for my baby shower event. I wanted simplicity and to be surrounded by the beautiful trees (which I love so much) and flowers. I decided to go for an all white look because when I think of white I think of peace & tranquility. That’s exactly how I felt in that moment and I felt so beautiful in my skin. I’m currently 7 months pregnant so I have 2 more months to go! It feels like time went by so quickly….

For the mommies and mommy-to-bes, what are your go-to maternity looks??



May Blessings

DSC_0392 (1).jpg




Happy Birthday to Me!

I wanted to post these lovely pictures that my sister took of me for my birthday and it's extra special simply because I am carrying baby #2. Funny thing is that this is the second time around I spend my birthday pregnant as I did with Mason 6 years ago. I am beyond blessed to get to experience this again and I honestly cannot wait to share my baby boy with the world once he arrives. Mason is so excited to have a little BROTHER & he cannot wait to help me around when he arrives lol..this is going to be interesting! :)

Anyway, this year I hope to gain more blessings, enjoy what god has provided me with which is health, love, and a beautiful family. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

PS. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant :) and baby boy loves to move and dance around in my belly. He's much more active than Mason ever was in my belly, I wonder if these two will be completely different from each other ?





21 Weeks Fly


ZARA Leather Jacket, DISPARUCO Hoody (cropped by me) , YEEZY 700 by adidas, Bae Cat Eye Sunnies by NellaStyles , Silence by Noise Long T-shirt 


Buenos Dias !

It is Monday and we all know how we feel about Mondays, but lets make the best of it? Does anyone feel like Mondays sets off the mood & vibes for the rest of the week? I do, that's why we should start it off by counting our blessings and accomplishing our weekly goals. Rewinding back to the weekend, I took some photos with my sister of my outfit which has become my sudden obsession. If you didn't notice in my last post, I wore something similar: Long TShirt, Cropped Hoody, Leggings/Tights and comfy sneakers. This is such a comfortable but stylish look for any preggo on the go! Thanks babe for introducing me to the look, he always hooks it up haha..

My favorite pieces are of course my Yeezys 700's, My CatEye Sunnies, & DisparuCo Cropped Hoody (anything cropped I love so watch out I'll be baring my belly pregnant and all)!! 








Mason sending out Positive Vibes to the world! I'm so blessed to have him &lt;3

Mason sending out Positive Vibes to the world! I'm so blessed to have him <3


Me: Versace x H&M Bomber, YEEZY 700 by adidas, Wolford Tights, Silence by Noise OverSized Shirt Hoody: Belonged to my Hubby and he cropped it for me! | Mason: ZARA from head to toe | Ronn: D&G Set, Balenciaga Dad Hat

PICTURES BY: @peachypam Pamela Ynoa

Happy HUMP Day! Or should I say Bump Day?

Yes, what you see is a baby bump-- it's not a belly full of pasta lol. Obviously it's been a while since I've posted once again I apologize. But as you can see a lot has happened since my last post in November. In fact, I published the post not knowing that I was in the midst of becoming pregnant. So I am very blessed and thankful for this beautiful experience yet again, because we were all waiting for it. It's a bit stressful when you want something so bad and it doesn't happen right at the moment. But you have to remember to just step back and leave it all up to your faith & continue to live your life. Everything will fall into place when it's supposed to. That's what I learned from this process & I couldn't be happier.

"You cannot stress what you cannot control."

So here we are, 4 months later and I'm bumping away! I'm currently 21 weeks along, due in mid August & super excited to meet this new addition to our family. My beautiful sweet boy is ecstatic about becoming a big brother & he is so attentive to me all the time. It makes me so emotional! lol. So I will try and share this beautiful experience with you all and I hope you enjoy it too throughout it all! 

Welcome to my journey <3




Calvin Klein Denim Jacket  | Vintage Sherling Jacket | Chanel bag |  Zara boots  | Badblood Cropped Sweatshirt

Calvin Klein Denim Jacket | Vintage Sherling Jacket | Chanel bag | Zara boots | Badblood Cropped Sweatshirt

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours <3

This is my first outfit post since June and of course a lot has changed. We are now in fall heading towards winter and I am some what ok with that? I love the holidays because we get to spend it with our loved ones and it just makes everything else feel good. There's nothing and I mean nothing in this world that means the world to me than my family. Without family, you have nothing...remember that! I actually took these pictures on Tuesday morning while running some errands in Soho, NY. I had the pleasure to of course work with my sister to create these shots and I specifically told her I wanted a neutral + calm feel to the pictures. My sister never fails to deliver what I crave for. She's amazing and is so talented, honestly I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. She motivates me and encourages me so I am very thankful for her. 

I am so thankful for my son, Mason, he's growing up right before my eyes guys! He's doing so well in school and is constantly receiving certificates of acknowledgement and we're only in November..lol! I love him so much he really is my heart and soul...I also love my husband and I am very thankful for him. He brings out this unconditional love +care out of me & gives me the little bit of hope I need when it comes to many things. I'm thankful for my parents and my older sister Jasmine, she's honestly such a golden hearted human being! We had to experience something very troubling to realize that life is too short and we need to spend as much time with the ones we love as much as possible!!!! Guys don't take anything for granted <3 Life & Love is beautiful...

I hope you continue to support my blog and thoughts and just know that I love you all!

Happy thanksgiving everyone & most importantly...

 I am thankful for you and my blog <3




Volez, Voguez, Voyagez - Louis Vuitton



Welcome back Douxbombe Diaries...sheesh its been a couple of months, I know, I know.... I've been doing so much in my life and unfortunately it interfered with my blogging habits, please forgive me. Again, I do this because it's something I enjoy and it's a passion of mine as well. I don't do this for the likes or exposure, I just enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences. Everyone is welcomed to join my little world :) and for those who have been by my side, I appreciate and love you all dearly!

As you can see I attended the latest/coolest exhibition in the big apple surrounding the Louis Vuitton VVV Experience. First things first, its FREE! (Unless you want a guided tour or FAST PASS). I simply reserved my time slot online and attended this magnificent exhibition last night. The line was a bit long but it moved pretty quickly, so I HIGHLY recommend for you to go! These are just a few shots of my favorite pieces from the exhibition and these photos don't even do it justice FYI. I most certainly will be returning because I didn't get to take pictures by the LOUIS VUITTON wall! (Too much people)... If you're interested in attending just click on the link below!


OCT 27TH-JAN 7TH 2018.


PS. I'll be posting more often so keep an eye out ;)



Evergreen - Everyours

Fathers Day Edition

Happy Fathers Day babe!

Forever21 Romper | ASOS flatforms SS16 | Chanel handbag | Tomford sunnies  Mason:&nbsp;(from head to toe ZARA Kids Collection)  Ronn: ZARA | YEEZY COLLECTION

Forever21 Romper | ASOS flatforms SS16 | Chanel handbag | Tomford sunnies

Mason: (from head to toe ZARA Kids Collection)


Happy Lunes babes!

I hope everyone enjoyed their fathers day with their families and enjoyed their weekend overall. My family and I had a busy weekend being that Mason graduated Kindergarten on Friday and we decided to take him out on Saturday to celebrate. We took him to LegoLand by Ridge Hill, Yonkers (he loves it there).

On fathers day Mason and I treated our love Ronny, to a crepe ice cream cafe called "T-Crepe."  Afterwards we decided to take Mason to the park nearby and we took advantage of the sun and took some photos. I love spending time with my boys its absolute bliss!! Ronn took some photos of me and I did of him and Mason (I love my boys!) And as you can tell we all seemed to color coordinate our outfits which was a last minute plan..haha. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day dolls!